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Ecstasy books by Nicholas Saunders

British versions

Ecstasy Reconsidered published June 1997. This last book contains more in depth information on the drug ecstasy, besides more personal accounts. It includes two comprehensive chapters each over 20 pages long: a review of research into toxicity by a toxicologist, and a review of adverse psychological effects by a psychiatrist working in the field.
Other outside articles concern treatment for ecstasy casualties and an expose of how the alcohol trade has supported anti-ecstasy campaigns. For more details click here.
There are recent test results of ecstasy pills. The book has 352 pages.

Ecstasy and the Dance Culture
was published by Nicholas Saunders in September 1995 and went out of print by June 1996.
E for Ecstasy is online. It was published in 1993 and is out of print, and will not be reprinted.

Foreign versions

Each foreign version has been adapted to its country of publication.


Ecstasy: Dance Trance and Transformation. Publisher: Quick American, Oakland. Price: $19.95. ISBN: 0932551203 310. An updated version of Ecstasy and the Dance Culture with added sections on the US scene, US law and herbal Ecstasy products. Edited bibliography. Many minor changes to the text, some without Nicholas's approval! Colour illustrations including test results of US pills.


Ecstasy. ISBN: 3-908010-12-8. Publisher Ricco Bilger, Zurich, 1994. 417 pages with a squidgy 'tactile' cover. A version of E for Ecstasy complete with bibliography.


E come Ecstasy. ISBN: 88-07-46004-1. Publisher: Feltrinelli, Milan, 1995. 208 pages. A version of E for Ecstasy without bibliography. Second edition in smaller format published 1997.


E comme Ecstasy. ISBN: 2-910718-03-4. Publisher: Éditions du Lézard, Paris, 1996. 240 pages. Large format on glossy paper with full colour 'psychedelic' designs on every page.


Ecstasy e a Cultura Dance ISBN: 85-85938-09-9. Publisher Brazil, Av. Pedroso de Morais, 269, Pinheiros, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Cep 05420 000
298 pages. Based on Ecstasy and the Dance Culture without colour or bibliography.


Extaze & Techno Scena. ISBN: 80-85617-93-5. Publisher: Jota, Prague. 320 pages + 16 colour.


Arom & Vezmann Co Ltd, Budapest.

Other editions:


Grup igia, Barcelona.


Data House Ltd


A new German edition was due late 1997 to be published by Nacht-Schatten, Solothurn, Switzerland.