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Important warning: is no longer maintained as regularly as in the past and some of the information on the site may now be out-of-date. While we appreciate all the emails we receive we can no longer guarantee a reply. Apologies.

The interactive pill testing database is still open for your reports and continues to be updated regularly.

July 29 2002
Wanted: Can you participate in a scientific study about ecstasy testing kits?

May 26 2002
Wanted: Share your beliefs about MDMA/Ecstasy as part of a research project

February 3 2002
Wanted: Ecstasy users sought by PhD researcher for online questionnaire

June 5 2001
Important warning: is no longer maintained as regularly as in the past and some of the information on the site may now be out-of-date. While we appreciate all the emails we receive we can no longer guarantee a reply to all. Apologies.

May 27 2001
Comment: Recent 'Ecstasy' death in UK

April 12 2001
Research: Online MDMA research resource
QandA: Ask Dr Shulgin online

February 13 2001
News: News in brief: Media update

February 3 2001
Testing: Warning: pills sold as ecstasy found to contain PMA
News: News in brief
Wanted: UK and European residents sought for online survey on rave lifestyle
Other dance drugs: A review of the non-medical use of Ketamine by Dr Karl Jansen
Books: In Search of the Ultimate High now available
Media: Ecstasy and Ritonavir interaction
News: New book: Ecstasy: The Complete Guide
News: 'best of the alternative web', says
Links: Links page spring-cleaned and updated
Update: More nice things to do on E!
Experience: Empathy through Ecstasy
Experience: Dealing with dependency
Experience: Seeing the world in a new light
Experience: Dizziness, Panic attacks and therapeutic use - a reader writes
QandA:How do I make the last few hours of a trip better? Your suggestions

January 30 2001
Research: Conference and webcast: The State of Ecstasy: The Medicine, Science and Culture of MDMA

May 10 2000
Research: MDMA research approved in Spain
Update: More nice things to do on E!
Experience: WorldWide Raver's Manifesto Project, Toronto
QandA:How do I make the last few hours of a trip better? Your suggestions
Experience: Ecstasy and pot-dependency

March 5 2000
Update: Pill containing strychnine seized in Holland
Wanted: Interviewees sought for radio documentary
Research: New paper from Swiss MDMA research team
Update: More nice things to do on E!
QandA:How do I make the last few hours of a trip better? Your suggestions
Experience: Disillusioned e-user "comes down from the clouds"
Experience: A moment of enlightenment
Experience: Disillusionment with E after losing friendship
Experience: Emotional walls came down in the right setting
Experience: Body and soul: an out-of-body experience

February 5 2000
Updated - Warning: Pill containing strychnine seized in Holland

February 4 2000
Wanted: Volunteers sought by researcher
Experience: Walking through the fire
Update: More nice things to do on E!

January 16 2000
The therapeutic use of MDMA - a MAPS conference
Softer line on E recommended by drugs inquiry
QandA:How much water should I drink?
Experience: Age is just a number!
Experience: E as a tool for survivors
Experience: Love on E for real?
Experience: Good trip buddies enabled first e-xperience
Experience: Rave as a post-modern hell

December 16 1999
Experience: Diabetes and ecstasy: a user report
Update: Nice things to do on E

December 7 1999
QandA:Why do I get back pain after using ecstasy?
Testing: Buying a testing kit EZ test details updated

November 30 1999
QandA:What does ecstasy contain?
Spiritual uses updated In Search of the Ultimate High

November 27 1999
Testing: Warning: Green Triangle pills found to contain DXM
Testing: Buying a testing kit - kits now available in the US
QandA:Ecstasy and bereavement
Experience: Rocket to enlightenment
Experience: Instant connections
Experience: Insights on ecstasy

October 29 1999
Ecstasy and pregnancy

September 24 1999
Wanted: Volunteers sought for study at the University of Liverpool
Experience: Dancing with a wand of energy-dust
Experience: E-induced ESP

June 22 1999
Switzerland and Ecstasy - Swiss courts decide e is a soft drug

June 4 1999
Testing Database: colour chart - info amended
Pills containing DOB warning updated
Links to Transform and Release added

May 27 1999
Warning: China White pills found to contain DOB

May 26 1999
Intra ocular lenses and Ecstasy? With expert reply

May 25 1999
Buying a testing kit - page updated

May21 1999
Ecstasy and Parkinson's

May 20 1999
Mitsubishi pill laboratory tested
US Ecstasy pill analysis site
Buying a test-kit updated
Ecstasy (MDMA) dependence - paper by Dr Karl Jansen

February 5 1999
About Nicholas
Ecstasy and Viagra question- with expert reply
Ecstasy and Acutaine - readers comments added
Buy 'Ecstasy Reconsidered' on-line - link added

February 3 1999

Site relaunched! Lots of new stuff! Explore!.

December 13 1998
'Ecstasy: a Human Neurotoxin?' A Novartis Foundation Discussion Meeting Including transcript of press conference, abstracts and press coverage.

December 1 1998
Ecstasy and Bi-Polar Disorder - with expert reply
Dizziness or Dependency? with expert reply
Raving in Scotland - link to M8 Magazine added
Tripping on the Music Personal Account

November 19 1998
4-MTA - information on possible dangers

August 13 1998
Research at University of East London: - volunteers wanted

July 9 1998
Mitro valve prolapse and E: - with expert reply
Additonal comments to Can MDMA be injected?
:Ecstasy Testing Kits: - address corrected

July 2 1998
Testing Times: benefit night
MDMA research in Switzerland: preliminary findings and request:

July 1 1998
Article on Ecstasy and Mental Health: by Karl Jansen
Colour Chart added to E testing Database:

June 12 1998
Ecstasy Produced for 'Riot Control': in South Africa
E Testing Kits Remain Legal in UK:
Pre 1988 E Users Wanted:
Link added to Release 'Culture, Communication, Chemistry': conference

April 29 1998
Add link to Psychoactivity 98: conference
Ecstasy Testing Kits: page expanded

April 24 1998
Interactive Ecstasy Testing Database:

March 25 1998
Can MDMA be injected?
:Nut allergies and ecstasy:. Is there a risk?
E lifted the world: from my shoulders

March 11 1998
Future of

March 10 1998
More test results: (Jan 1998) and pictures added

February 20 1998
Mail Ordering: credit cards not accepted for time being

February 19 1998
Ecstasy and Aspirin: combination causes increase in body temperature in rats

February 11 1998
Announcement: The Neurotoxicity of Street Drugs: public lecture is still taking place

February 4 1998
Link to Nicholas Saunders Memorial Site:

January 29th
New German edition: of Ecstasy and the Dance Culture

January 28th
The Neurotoxicity of Street Drugs:, public lecture in London by Dr James O'Callaghan

January 27th
January 1998 test results
:Quality is down:, new trend
Getting pills tested: the new situation
How the law treats ecstasy offenders: request for information

January 16th
What caused my penis to shrink:?
Kundalini: raised by ecstasy
Anxiety :brought back by ecstasy
Narcolepsy: cured by ecstasy
Low doses: avoid comedown and tolerance
Can heat damage: MDMA?
Is the party over: because of bad quality ecstasy?
Anti-depressants: and E: which are incompatible?

January 8th 1998
Lesbianism: revealed by ecstasy

December 19th
Flight of the Mind: a spiritual experience on E
Helping someone change their experience: from depression to joy
Amsterdam Looks into Supervised Ecstasy Sales: report from Reuters 12/97

December 15th
The Green Party are offering E testing kits for sale

December 11th
Psychotherapy: compared with ecstasy
Mend broken links: in US tests
Cure for migraine: using ecstasy
Test results: updated
Nothing but the Truth: TV programme cancelled

December 5th
Atropine: upated again

December 2nd
Are drug users deviant?: The Demos report
Trends in quality: Outdated piece replaced

November 30th
Press scare story: addition from Rick Doblin of MAPS
Your thanks.: Newly edited selection
The love of my life: met on E
Spiritual expansion: from ecstasy use
Does E cause shingles and herpes:? Wilth reply from a doctor
How can I relate: to my anti-E partner? Additional comment

November 26th
Help support me: in a 'trial' TV programme! Clubbers wanted to defend their use of ecstasy.
Neo-Cibalgin: identification added

November 24th
Test results: with additions and with illustrations

November 21th
Memory research :volunteers wanted
How can I end: a long-lasting bad trip?
Asthma: and E (addition)
How can I relate: to my partner who does not take E?
St Johns Wort: and Tryptophan with E (addition)

November 7th
New press scare: over ecstasy research

November 5th
Atropine: updated again

October 28th
MDMA Info Clearing House: link added

October 26th
Pill tests: 16 more results
:Atropine: updated again

October 24th
We could truly live in ecstasy:... A poem
Euphoric and jealous: on the same pill
Nice things: to do on E
Is E OK: for my disabled brother?
Ritonavir :(Norvir) & Ecstasy Interaction
Atropine: update with more details

October 20th
Atropine sold as ecstasy:

October 11th
Gastro Intestinal problems: caused by E? With expert reply
How can I reduce the desire: for ecstasy?
Grapefruit juice: added to 2CB enhancement
Thanks: from readers
Changing sexual: roles
Wanted: schizophrenia and E
Drug czar: application refusal

September 25th
Are fenfluramine dangers: relevant to ecstasy? With expert answer
2CB refreshes: the ecstasy experience
Separate and revise information under Dance Drugs: to:
Other Drugs:,
Herbal Ecstasy: and
Herbal Ecstasy trial: compared to placebo

Entheogen Book site. Survey preliminary results:
1. Have experiences been harmful or valuable?:
2. What is your meaning of Spiritual experience
:Links relevant to ayahuasca: including Santo Daime and UDV

September 21st
Scottish test results: added
British test results September 1997:
Drug 'czar': application
Clusterheadache: and ecstasy. Drug interactions?

September 14th
Falling in love: on ecstasy. Is it real?
Do yellowish eyes: indicate liver problems?
Why does my heart: beat so fast?
Guillian syndrome: as a result of E?
Cross tolerance: between MDA, MDMA and MDEA?
More caring: and less superficial
Ecstasy!: A poem
Ketamine information revised under dance drugs: and reply to a own experience.:

September 5th
Remove colours to make easier to read on black and white screens

Incredible E experience: that has profoundly changed my life
Raving on E: has become a religious experience
E made me bond: with my friend's wife. Feedback added
I'm stuck loving: someone who can't love herself
Contact with dead: relatives on E
Girlfriend gone: due to E? Plus reply
Hallucination: due to E?
A traveller: in Wales worships life
E brings out: true emotions
Uneven pupil: dilation question with reply from a doctor

August 28th
Johns Hopkins: Medical Institute research link added
E made me bond: with my friend's wife
Will acid distort: my views? Plus reply
Why did I nearly die?: Plus reply
Dutch ecstasy: pill test results, 8/97
What is piperazine monohydrochloride?: Plus expert reply
Conflicts: about relationships

August 15th
Caught in the Act: The Public Entertainments Licences (Drug Misuse) Act
Urine tests: is there a way to mask them?
Add link: to MAPS forum
Does E interact: with Acutaine (Roaccutane)?
A binge: on TNT, cocaine, ecstasy and speed
Too many pills:. Personal account
What is Tryptophan Hydroxylase?: With expert answer
St John's Wort: and Syrian Rue interactions with E. With informed answer
Disillusionment: with ecstasy
E at thirty: Not too old to start!
Why did my best friend put me down: while on E? With answer
Add links from Combinations: to relevant questions
Update Heroin: in Ecstasy

July 30th
Ritonavir and MDMA: Additional information added
How to extend E trips: Additional user report added

July 23rd
Revise How to get samples tested:
Tabulate test results thanks to Frank Heim
Update links: to include price reports and new zine
Update and edit existing items: trip9, q9, q16, q39, q40
What caused my worst E experience?: letting go turns sour
I love ecstasy A teenager's view of E
Disastrous "ecstasy" wedding night: E turned out to be K
Are steroids dangerous with E?: Plus expert reply

July 16th
Australian censor: seizes Ecstasy Reconsidered
Can food: alter the effect of E? Plus answers
How can you extend: the effect of E. Plus answers

July 14th
Psychedelic inventor to visit to London An evening with Dave Nichols
July ecstasy test results: Diamond, McDonalds and TNT

July 7th
Does ecstasy damage the immune system?: With expert answers

July 6th
What is known about MBDB?: With expert answer
Can ecstasy cause a rise in intercranial pressure?: With expert answer
What caused my terrifying E trip and M.E.?: With expert answer
A Moslem takes acid: and is guided by Allah
Include link to BBC radio 5 (as requested) from item below

July 2nd
BBC Radio "proves long term damage from ecstasy use":

June 30th
Add test results of White Callie and EXTC:
Add link to Australian censor
Swedish law Heavy police action reveals fascistic regime

June 26th
Add more info on Ritonivar and note on phenylpropanolamine:
Why are more people bi-sexual: on E?
Will a break restore the good effects:?
Is blood in urine: due to E?
Can't help spilling the truth: on E
I fell in love on E: but its not what I want
Looking: into each others eyes
When E turns out to be something else:
Can you be arrested for drugs already consumed? Swedish addition:

June 19th
New European test results 18/6/97
:New British test results 18/6/97:
On Test: pills being tested now
Manufacture split into:
Interview: with clandestine manufacturers of ecstasy, and
Recipes: for manufacture of ecstasy on the Web and in books
Testing split into
Ecstasy pill: testing, and
Drug testing: of people
New sub index for Test Results:

June 17th
A study of methods: used by the media to ensure accuracy of reporting
Deadly interactions: between E and Ritonavir or Crixivan? Plus reply
Laboratory testing: pills being tested now
Mail order :update to include Czech and Portugese editions
Foriegn editions: update to include Czech and Portugese editions
Test results: New layout (thanks to Frank Heim!)
Manufacture: revised to include details of recipe books
Links: revised re manufacture
American statistics: corrected
Angeline's personal account: editied and linked to her site

June 8th
Ecstasy test results:. Analysis of over 60 pills sold in Europe as ecstasy
Should I take LSD at 14 years? Plus reply
Research on impurities:. Australian study on possible toxic ingredients
BMJ response:. Add comment re title

June 4th
Should we make decisions: on ecstasy? Plus reply
Add to and revise Links:

June 2nd
The Spiritual Use of Psychoactive Drugs: Lecture by Nicholas Saunders in Brighton

June 1st
Schizophrenia: Ecstasy helps me to live with my schizophrenia
Hepatitis: and ecstasy. Is there a risk?
Can E make: people even more distant afterwards?

May 26th
Interviews: with researchers into neurotoxicity who hold opposing views
Alcohol versus ecstasy:. The drinks companies tactics revealed
Delete interview with psychologist (replaced by newer material)
Delete toxicity controversy (replaced by newer material)

Adverse Psychological Effects: of Ecstasy use and Thier Treatment
Toxicity of Ecstasy: by Leon van Aerts. A comprehensive review of the evidence
Drug Wars: Alcohol Versus Ecstasy. Investigation of the alcohol industry
Ecstasy Deaths: by Dr Russell Newcombe. An analysis of death reports
Polygamy:, ecstasy and jealousy. An experiment with useful lessons

Deaths: due to legal and illegal drug use compared
Emergencies: How to help an ecstasy casualty. Major article.
Add new manuafacture book to Links and Manufacture

Ecstasy and sexuality: a woman explores relationships
Add Dance Musick and Culture to Links
Pregnancy: Will E damage my baby?
Alcoholism: Can E cure my dad?

May 13th
"Search this site" added to European site index page
Revisions to advice for people arrested: on drugs charges

May 11th "Search this site" added to American site index page
American statistics: for ecstasy deaths and Emergency Room mentions
I found myself: with MDMA more easily that Yoga
Alcopops: are designed to make children drinkers
Add legalisation site to Links

May 1st
Revisions to information on new ecstasy book, Ecstasy Reconsidered:
Revisions to information on testing pills:
Corrections to American pill: test results
Revisions to buying books by mail order:

April 7th
Recreational use of ecstasy: Paper presented to British Psychological Society
Is it bad to take E every day?: Plus reply
Asthma, antibiotics and inhalers:. Are there interactions?
Responsibleuse. Its you, not the drug, that fucks you up.
Ecstasy and pregnancy:. Plus reply

March 18th
Remove finished research projects Change TV request to new programme
Epilepsy and Ecstasy:. A user report
Antibiotics and Asthma.: A user repor

March 10th
Economist: article comparing attitudes to Ecstasy with Prozac
New Scientist: article about social and political attitudes to Ecstasy
E is addictive and fucks you up. Plus reply
Antibiotics and E:. Do they mix?
E doesn't work any more.: Plus reply
Asthma: Are sufferers at greater risk?