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Links to other related sites


The Lycaeum USA or European mirror site
Comprehensive archives of information on 12 synthetic and 10 organic "visionary" drugs (not opiates) including bibliography and links plus worldwide street drug price index

Erowid Entheogen Vaults
A well organized library of balanced, reliable entheogen information. Includes articles, chemistry, law, experiences, images, effects, and spiritual use for dozens of substances including ecstasy.

Johns Hopkins
Medical Institute in Baltimore carries out research into toxicity and thier latest results can be seen, besides you too can be a guinea pig!

Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence
UK organisation whose library holds a large number of papers on illicit drugs. Also publish 'Druglink'

Drug Price Reports
Lists of drug prices throughout the world, including ecstasy

Giz BN
German site with illustrations of a large number of Ecstasy tablets.


UK based national organisation that campaigns for an 'Effective Drug Policy'. Website full of useful information, links and statistics. Excellent newsletter.

Global Legalise Initiative
Promoting legalisation of all illicit drugs, not ecstasy in particular

Australian censorship
Australian Government's list of banned books about ecstasy


Everything you've wanted to know about raves
Links to rave mailing lists, alt.rave FAQ, country listings and related sites

Spirit of Raving "Thoughts, feelings, visions and dreams of ravers..."

Site for DJs and clubbers
UK online magazine where you can submit your own reviews

Children of Kaos
Links to clubs, DJs and other sites relevant the UK dance scene

Dance Musick & Culture
News and reviews about the dance scene in the UK


Mind Books (Mail Order bookstore)
Over 200 titles "to help the mind evolve" including just about everything written on psychedelics including Practical Guides, Traditional Cultures, Art, Religion and Spirit, Plants and Compounds

The Zeff Memorial Library
Comprehensive catalogue including many rare and out of print books and papers about entheogens

Urban 75 magazine
UK eco-rave-protest e-zine: news, drugs, Slap-a-Spice-Girl, contacts...


PIHKAL (Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved) Part 2: The Chemical Story, by Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin. This is the fascinating book where the synthesis and effects of 179 psychoactive drugs including MDMA is described, full of both detail and humour, free on line.

Loompanics (Mail Order)
They publish and sell books relevant to manufacture and use of illicit drugs

Synthesis Books publisher of The Complete Book of Ecstacy, judged by manufacturers to be the best book on how to make MDMA.

See also interview with manufacturers


MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Research)
MAPS focuses on the development of beneficial, socially-sanctioned uses of psychedelic drugs and marijuana. Such uses may include psychotherapeutic research and treatment, treatment of addiction, pain relief, spiritual exploration, shamanic healing, psychic research, brain physiology research and related scientific inquiries.
MAPS pursues its mission by helping scientific researchers design, obtain governmental approval for, fund, conduct and report on psychedelic research in human volunteers.
MAPS also publishes a quarterly publication which contains interesting articles by experts in the field, sent to its members as well as a large number of government policy makers and academic experts. Most articles can be read online.

Heffter Research Institute
Academic psychedelic site
"The mission of the Heffter Research Institute is to conduct research of the highest scientific quality with psychedelic substances in order to contribute to a greater understanding of the mind, leading to the improvement of the human condition, and the alleviation of suffering. This mission has already begun to attract scientists and researchers of the highest calibre. The information and new knowledge gained will be disseminated to the medical and scientific communities."

Council on Spiritual Practices
Among its first areas of inquiry, the Council is studying the spiritual implications of entheogenic substances.

Island Foundation
Founded in 1990 by Bruce Eisner, the Island Foundation is a non-profit organisation composed of individuals dedicated to the creation of a psychedelic culture. The group is named for English novelist Aldous Huxley's last novel, Island about a utopian culture called Pala.

Italian Society for Study of States of Consciousness
For "gathering and spreading information concerning states of consciousness". Publishes Eleusis quarterly.

Crew 2000
Edinburgh drug agency that deals with harm prevention and advice for Ecstasy users. Has pages on Safer Dancing Guidelines and Guidelines for Club owners/Organisers

UK based drugs and legal advice charity, committed to the civil rights of drug users, which has a 24 hour helpline. Also does innovative outreach work, especially at parties and festivals, and holds regular conferences.

Discussion groups

There are several groups that can be subscribed to, mostly by invitation or membership. MAPS forum is a discussion group available free to members or for a 90 day trial. To subscribe to maps-forum, send email to with "subscribe maps-forum Your Name <your address>" without the quotes, in the first line.