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Questions and Answers

Here are some of your questions with answers which may be useful to others:


How do I make the last few hours of a trip better? Your suggestions
Is the party over because of bad quality ecstasy?
Can E make people even more distant afterwards?
What caused my worst E experience? letting go turns sour
Why did my best friend put me down while on E?
Personality change Losing friends after taking E

Incompatible conditions

Intra ocular lenses and Ecstasy
Ecstasy and Viagra - Danger of Priapism
Anti-depressants and E: which are incompatible?
Is E OK for my disabled brother?
and ecstasy. Drug interactions?
Does E interact
with Acutaine (Roaccutane)?
Deadly interactions with Ritonavir or Crixivan? With expert reply
E with Multiple Sclerosis Can E help MS sufferers?
Asthma, antibiotics and inhalers. Are there interactions?
Antibiotics and E. Do they mix?
Hepatitis and ecstasy. Is there a risk?
Are steroids dangerous with E? Plus expert reply
St John's Wort and Syrian Rue interactions with E?. With informed answer
Diabetes Is E or LSD dangerous for diabetics? With expert replies


Dizzyness or Dependency - with expert reply
How can I end a long-lasting bad trip?
How can I reduce the desire for ecstasy?
Disappointment: No overwhelming feelings of love
Nocturnal panic attack. Waking up at night feeling scared. With expert reply
Effect of ecstacy on Sexual Function and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Cure for premature ejaculation? With expert reply
Addiction to the ecstasy-induced state? With expert reply
Terrified first time user. Questions about possible damage
Why doesn't ecstasy work any more?
Alcoholism: Can E cure my dad? With expert reply
Will acid distort my views?
Why did I nearly die?
Will a break restore the good effects?
Nightmares and Hallucinations Problems from a heavy user of E and LSD.


What does ecstasy contain?
Can MDMA be injected? With expert reply
Can heat damage MDMA?
Are fenfluramine dangers relevant to ecstasy? With expert answer
Cross tolerance
between MDA, MDMA and MDEA?
Danger level of ecstasy
What is a safe dose?
Ketamine overdose? How safe is K?
What is piperazine monohydrochloride? Plus expert reply
Shelf life of ecstasy How long does it last?
What is known about MBDB? With expert answer
How can I extend my E trip? With answers
What is Tryptophan Hydroxylase? With expert answer
Heroin in E A dealer insists it is true


How much water should I drink?
Why do I get back pain after using ecstasy?
Ecstasy and Bi-Polar Disorder - with expert reply
Mitro valve prolapse and E - with expert reply
Nut allergies and ecstasy
. Is there a risk? With expert answer
What caused my penis to shrink?
Does E cause shingles and herpes? Wilth reply from a doctor
Gastro Intestinal problems
caused by E? With expert reply
Do yellowish eyes indicate liver problems? With expert reply
Why does my heart beat so fast?
Guillian syndrome as a result of E?
How long does E stay in the system?
Clenching and heavy sweating when coming up.
E in breast milk. How long after E may milk be affected?
Is it bad to take E every day?
Ecstasy and pregnancy. With expert reply
Can ecstasy cause a rise in intercranial pressure? With expert reply
Is blood in urine due to E? With reply from a doctor
Does ecstasy damage the immune system? With two expert replies
What caused my terrifying E trip and M.E.? With expert reply
Uneven pupil dilation. With reply from a doctor
Seizure A regular user has a seizure. With expert reply


Ecstasy and bereavement
How can I relate to my partner who does not take E?
Falling in love on ecstasy. Is it real?
Falling in love on ecstasy
under the influence
I fell in love on E but its not what I want
Why are more people bi-sexual on E?
Girlfriend gone due to E?


Where is ecstasy legal? The law in various countries
Can you be done for drugs already consumed?
Urine tests: is there a way to mask them?
Police tests for ecstasy can produce false positives. With expert reply


Conversation with Jesus A vision involving telepathy in a group setting.
Hallucination due to E?