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News in brief
New book: Ecstasy: The Complete Guide 'best of the alternative web', says

toxicity and risk of death

Comment: Recent 'Ecstasy' death in UK
Adverse psychological effects of Ecstasy use and their treatment By Dr Karl Jansen
Switzerland and Ecstasy Swiss courts decide e is a soft drug
Ecstasy and Parkinson's
Ecstasy (MDMA) Dependence by Dr. Karl Jansen
'Ecstasy:a Human Neurotoxin?' A Novartis Foundation Discussion Meeting Including transcript of press conference, abstracts, and press coverage
Is ecstasy neurotoxic? Interviews with researchers holding contradictory views
Ecstasy and Mental Health: Nerves or Neurosis by Dr. Karl Jansen
Adverse Psychological Effects Solvents, ecstasy, tobacco and alcohol compared
American statistics for ecstasy deaths and emergency room reports
Review of toxicity evidence Toxicologist's report
British Medical Journal toxicity report My response published
Risk in perspective The Leah Betts death and risks compared
Government risk classification ecstasy risk of death "Very Low"
Ecstasy and heroin Is ecstasy sometimes laced with heroin?
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Ecstasy and Ritonavir interaction
Softer line on E recommended by drugs inquiry
Ecstasy Produced for 'Riot Control' in South Africa - report from Reuters
Amsterdam Looks into Supervised Ecstasy Sales report from Reuters 12/97
Are drug users deviant? The Demos report
Press scare over ecstasy research showing "permanent damage" 11/97
Drug 'czar' application to the British government by Nicholas Saunders
Radio 5 "Evidence of long term damage"
A critique of their evidence
Drug Wars: Alcohol Versus Ecstasy. The alcohol lobby's anti E campaign
Economist Magazine article Comparison of attitudes to ecstasy and Prozac
Pop star trips up Is the media uproar to justify heavy clampdown on clubs?
New Scientist article Political reaction to ecstasy is a panic response
Time Out's saga of misinformation Trendy mag can't admit it's wrong
Chinese Whispers and the mediaThe press repeats its own misinformation
The Media and Ecstasy Paper for Cardiff National Drugs Conference 11/96
The drug user's perspective Paper for the British Psychological Society 4/97
Alcopops are for children Undercover journalists record the truth
Ecstasy Testing Green Party Drugs Group press conference
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dance culture

Other dance drugs: a review of the non-medical use of Ketamine by Dr Karl Jansen
Caught in the Act: How will the Barry Legg Act affect the scene? A study of the '1997 Public Entertainments Licenses (Drug Misuse) Act'
Free Parties DIY, Spiral Tribe, Exodus, Justice? and the Criminal Justice Act
The scene in Scotland The dance drug scene north of the border
Ecstasy in Northern Ireland Rave culture and the north-south conflict
4-MTA Info on possible dangers
Other drugs Various drugs that are used on the dance scene
Herbal Ecstasy and other legal highsA review of the "safe" alternatives
Herbal Ecstasy trial My own research on the effects compared to placebo
Combining ecstasy with other drugseffects and dangers
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spiritual uses

In Search of the Ultimate High: the spiritual uses of psychoactives by Nicholas Saunders, Anja Saunders and Michelle Pauli Religious users of Ecstasy Monks and a rabbi on spiritual use of ecstasy
The rave as a religious service The dance culture compared to religion
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What to do in emergency Instructions for users, paramedics and hospital staff
What to do if arrested Tips from a policeman and how to get an expert witness

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Online MDMA research resource
MDMA research approved in Spain
Paper on 'Mood state and brain electric activity in Ecstasy users'
The therapeutic use of MDMA:a MAPS conference
Switzerland and Ecstasy - Swiss courts decide e is a soft drug
The Neurotoxicity of Street Drugs, public lecture by Dr James O'Callaghan
Research in the USA My experiences as guinea-pig and meeting the experts
Research in progress Summaries of student and other research projects
Latest Research Papers Abstracts of recent papers including student theses
Pathology paper Organ damage seen in 7 people who died after taking ecstasy
Art and Ecstasy Illustration of how ecstasy effects artists' style
Wanted Requests for your help and information
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Making ecstasy Interview with illicit manufacturers