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Important: is currently unable to answer emails. Apologies. The information below is for archive purposes only.

The Ask Dr Shulgin online service from the Alchemind Society is still available and is worth a try if your enquiry is serious.


We love getting feedback and appreciate thoughtful email questions and accounts but before you write please bear in mind:

Questions gets thousands of visits a day and is here to provide free information to enable people to find answers to their questions so please search the site, check the questions section and the on-line books before asking a question.

Also, we do not answer questions concerning

* where to buy illegal drugs
* the contents of pills not yet tested
* subjects other than ecstasy


We try and answer questions as soon as we can, but is maintained by a team of people who all have full-time jobs - please be patient!

If you don't hear back within a reasonable time, check that you have set up your return address correctly - we often get replies bounced back because of faulty return addresses.


Anything you write may be published unless you specifically request otherwise. However, we are discreet - actual names are never given and details whch might identify an author (such as location or age) are often edited.