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Empathy through Ecstasy

I'm semi-new to the club scene in New York (I've been going to clubs for a little less than a year) and only recently have I tried ecstasy.

When I took a full pill for the first time, it was the most amazing experience I have ever felt. When it first started hitting, I wanted to be in a place in the club where I could just stay calm for a little while, so I went to the lounge. I sat down on the floor next to a kid in a K hole. I have never met him before in my life, yet when I saw him there with two of his friends trying to get him out of it, I felt like he was one of my closest friends. I couldn't leave him until he was able to get up. I sat there with them, asking if there was anything I could do to help. Finally, when he was able to move again, I asked his friends what his name was, so that I would always remember the first time hat I helped someone who I will likely never see again in my life.

After he got better, I went back to the main dance floor. A wave of warmth overcame me on my way down. For the first time in my life, I knew what empathy felt like. I thought that everyone was my friend, simply due to the fact that those around me (even if I didn't know them) shared and enhanced this feeling just by being around me. The world seemed like a better place. There was no war, no poverty, no pain while I was rolling. I have never felt closer to my friends who were there until then also. We were sharing something that we all knew the others were feeling. We were all in tune with each other's thoughts, feeling, emotions.

At one point, I was a floor about the main dance floor, just looking down at everyone dancing. Every so often, the white lights would turn on and it seemed like everyone froze, yet I knew that they didn't. I knew that on the floor itself, those thousands of people moving at once looked like chaos, yet above, it seemed like they weren't even moving. I thought about how God looks down upon us, and when he sees us, it seems to him that nothing is happening, but to us the world is in constant motion.

When I got out of the club, the world looked different. The colors were brighter, the world looked sharper and more beautiful. Ever since, nature still looks more amazing that it did before I learned of this new sensation. Things that seemed so life threatening or earth shattering seem so trivial now. My eyes were finally truly opened up to the world as it should be seen.