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Seeing the world in a new light

I once read that Indians here in America took mescaline and talked to their Gods. I found a sacred experiance in ecstasy the same way I read the Indians did.

I am not into religion at all but I found one in myself. I found that on E I can make the world whatever I want it to be. When I was on it, I was comfortable doing everything. When I am off the drug I just think about that same thing right there, that all I have to do is start something, and it will be very worthwhile.

I used to be a typical unmotivated pothead, but now I think about how much it hurts my mom that I dropped out of high school, and I understand it better and I am now off to get my diploma.

I, like the rest of the world's e users, have met so many new friends and people that I will never forget. But, overall, taking E changes your life forever - showing you something new that you were blind to before.

The New Man