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Coming to terms with my image

I've just read your book entitled Ecstasy and the Dance Culture and i have found it very interesting indeeed. One of my friends at university introduced me to ecstasy and i have enjoyed the two experiences so far that i have had. It has opened me up and made me think about what life can be like now.

I was abused and bullied while at private school and it seems as though I have got out of that and my brain has stopped thinking about it. It has made me come to terms with my image as well as being able to openly express my views about this drug to my friends who are totally against them. I have also made a hell of a lot of friends on the drug themselves when i have very few of my friends as well.

I know why people have taken the piss out of me during the past and have put that right because they all know that they have had the piss taken out of themseleves in the past and think its funny to do it to someone else.

Anyway my experiences have been very limited .But i have seen the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. Everything bewcomes much more clearer than normal and i can look back on it as being a reversal of my whole life.

It was ace.... respect and peace to you for writing the book and having it on your web pages.

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