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First rave

I recently (1/18/97) went to my first rave in Jacksonville, FL. When I first
got there, I was kinda disappointed. There were a bunch of people standing
around but only a few dancing. At about 2:30, a friend of a friend got me four
tablets of X, called "green turbo".
I handed one to my other 3 friends who were there with me, and we all
took them at the same time.
I had read extensively on the topic of Ecstasy and I had made the
decision (responsibly) to try it out. I had been wanting to try it for quite
some time, so I was ready for it to kick in. It hit me first. When I had my
eyes open, I felt completely sober and coherent.

But when I closed my eyes, it was the most unbelieveable experience of my life.
I didn't know everything could feel so good! After about an hour and fifteen
minutes, it had gotten really strong. I was a little tipsy, but everything was
controllable. If someone (like a cop or my mother) had come up to me to have a
conversation, I could have kept complete control of myself. That was a big
plus. I could close my eyes and feel the beat surging through my body. It was
as if I was in touch with everything about myself and that was an exhilarating
feeling, to say the least. I felt the fatigue in my legs and the dehydration
beginning to start, but I could easily go and get water if I needed to. I
could not believe how wonderful everything was. My friend had on a silver
rayon shirt, and I couldn't stop touching her!

The weird thing is, nothing about the whole night was sexual. It was all
sensual. Everyone was so friendly and caring, it seemed as if I was home with
the family. Backrubs abounded and so did the touching. People would walk by
and just touch you... and it felt so good! index
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