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Epilepsy and Ecstasy

This is a query regarding the effects of ecstacy on a person with
epilepsy. I have done some searching in books and on the web, but am
yet to find much information on the subject. (I did notice it was
mentioned in your book)

The reason I am writing to you is that everything I have read says that
ecstacy and epilepsy do not mix and it is not something that I should
try. Being young and inquisitive I decided to find out for myself, and
in a very safe environment I have tried a couple of Es. From my
experience the short term outcome was that I had no seizures on any of
these occasions and for several days afterwards. This is from someone
who rarely goes a day without a seizure. (I have temporal lobal
epilespy, involving complex partial seizures)

I acknowledge that I am taking a risk in relation to long term affects,
but with such a new drug I think we all are. (It is no more of a risk
than the prescription drugs I have to take that are no more than 5years

I do not expect you to have an answer to this question, but would be
interested if you had heard of other specific incidences of epilepsy and
ecstacy or know of where I may be able to find specific research. I
also thought you may be interested in this experience for your own
research etc.

As an aside I have approval from my neurologist to smoke marijuana to
aid with my seizures. It is something that I noticed improved things
for me, and I followed this up with similar searches in books and on the
net to find that this was not an uncommon experience.

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