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I found myself without yoga

A few years ago, my girlfriend and I, both of us who had a profound spiritual experience on MDMA and LSD at a rave, invited a friend to take E with us. She was very cautious, very antidrug even though she was quite a drinker and nicotine addict.

We began with yoga, while waiting for the E to kick in. After a while, I remarked, "why are we doing yoga? yoga's purpose is to get us here, and we are already there!" The others agreed and we finished up a few more postures.

The peak of the night occured after my girlfriend and I were talking together and then turned back to our friend. She was in tears.

Looking up at us, she said, "I found myself." We both hugged her, telling her how glad we were. She then told us that she finally understood why we talked about MDMA like we did. index
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