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I consciously made a decision to try E after having read
about it for nearly two years. My ex-husband dated a psychologist from
Irvine Medical Center who was working with the drug. He told me about his
experiences with it. I was intrigued and very open to the experience. I
never took it with him, because it was difficult to find. When I was able to
locate it, I was lucky enough to get the real article.

My lover and I took it together and we experienced such a total one-ness that
our relationship grew incredibly. We had known one another as friends for
over ten years and we had only become lovers four months prior. We are still
together three years later and our relationship is the best we've ever

I really believe that the experience of E is a large part of the reason we
have such a close relationship. Believe me, I understand it can cause one to
believe in fairy tales, but as two mature adults, we found that the
experience allowed us to put our egos aside and really look at one another as
spirits. We have a profound love and desire to protect and cherish each
other's souls. We understand who we really are and we both know that we will
never do anything to hurt one another. The E really allowed us to connect
with that small part of us that is God.

I think my relationship is based on a spiritual connection. We have
both been married twice before and while we loved each of our spouses, we
know that we never had the connection with them that we have with each other.
The E was important in bringing that connection to mind. We both knew, once
it hit, that we were in a relationship which would be different from anything
we experienced before. We were actually able to finish each other's
thoughts. We almost didn't speak for about a half of an hour, or at least we
only began sentences and the other finished them. . . it was truly amazing.

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