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Looking into each others eyes

I was at this big celebration last week and lo and behold, someone
handed me a capsule and proclaimed it was derived from
Sassafrass root!

"Sassafrass!?, cool...that's my daughters name!" so i popped the
capsule a prepared for the magic....

After awhile i was sure that there would not be much of a
consciousness shift, but i was feeling good and staying open, and
enjoying the band and the people.

BACKGROUND: On the way to the party i was walking with a
woman who i had just met. She was an Israeli woman named Aviva,
and is about 15-20 years my senior (i am 28). For some reason,
i was feeling very open to her and during our walk, i revealed many
of the details of my personal life. One of the things i mentioned,
was my past experiences with polyamoury, and how that lead to the
end of the relationship with my X-lover...i ended the conversation
with..."that's why now we're staying pretty much "monogomous".....

Back to the trip:

I went inside for a drink, and i was standing against a wall,
observing the people, vibes, etc, when Aviva walks up to me....

"FRee, excuse me, i don't mean anything by this, and i'm not sure,
but i think there is something missing from your story"

"Hmmm, what's that?"

"Well....where does Clay fit into the picture?"

Bingo. She is a very observant woman...though sophie and i claim
"monogamy", it is really because we are very cautious..Clay is a
close dear friend who is helping us raise our child and is, in
essence, our lover....

I said, "We snuggle with Clay alot, and he sleeps with us sometimes,
we have another friend like that name Cosima...she and Sophie
like to kiss alot : ) "

"That is absolutely beautiful"

Those words were so sincere, and we looked deeply into eachother's
eyes. After a good few seconds of connecting, i naturally dropped
my gaze.....

"You cannot look in my eyes for more than a few seconds?"

"I think i can" (gazing begins again), "it can be scary"...

"You are totally safe"


WOW....we stayed there in eachother's eyes for what seemed like
an eternity!! I have always been a big fan of eye contact....but
this was was so intense i couldn't believe it was
happening. Soon only her eyes remained and her face was changing
shapes and sizes.....and then WHAMMO....

"You know" she said, "When you stare into someone's eyes like this,
their face will begin to change, and you will see different faces,
and different people, and they are the faces of history, and they are
the different faces of ourselves, and some of them are even alien

I was seeing 'em all! This was incredible!! Here she was giving me
the most powerful tool i have encounterred for connecting with alot of ways it's better than sex!! (of course there is
always the eye/sex combo).

"Let me tell you", she said, "I feel that this is some kind of
Initiation....not of me initiating you, or you initiating me, but it
IS some kind of initiaion.."

"Yes, it is indeed...thank you"

After a minute or so more, we finally broke had been a
good half hour of gazing and i was so thrilled and rejuvenated i had
to go a boogyin'!!

Sometimes it's clearly the set and setting and not the dose that
gives you the experience : )

P.S. I've done this looking thing several times since then with no
chemical catalyst and it works great.....also...if any of you have
not read the book "The little Prince" try it out, Aviva recommends
it. : ) index
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