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A binge on TNT, cocaine, ecstasy and speed

My friends and I went out 3 nights in a row, and on the last I took about3 E's (two 'Love hearts' followed by 2 halve's of McDonalds) we also had 'Vick' (which we normally use) and on this occasion 'TNT' (some kind of nitrate that you can buy in sex shops).


As I was 'coming up' on the final half I took two huge breaths of the

TNT. All I can remember is my mind leaving my body and going to another

place, feeling so wonderful, blisfull, no feeling of my body, my

thoughts completely clear and a feeling of 'freeness', floating freely

around bathed in white (but not bright) and a slit of something

different ahead, no sound.

The only description I have for this place is heaven. I imagine that this lasted

only seconds but it felt like forever. I remember then feeling myself

slipping away, I then realised with such clarity that if I didn't come

back now I was never going to come back. Suddenly I felt my heart racing

my chest heaving and I was back inside my heavy body.


I managed to stagger to a chair and all I could say to my friends was

that I'd just been to heaven. I don't know whether it was just a big

trip or perhaps if the 3 days of drug use (cocaine, ecstasy and speed)

really just came to a head and perhaps for a moment I did die? But it

was the most frightening experience I've had using drugs. index
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