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Contact with dead relatives on E

Not too long ago my sister, my girlfriend and I took E and we began talking about all the people close to me that have passed away and that had an influence in my life. Mainly I am talking about my father who passed away 8 years ago and my grandmother (his mother) who passed away 1 year ago.

Anyway, to make a long story short my sister was, with the lack of a better word, possessed by my father and grandmother. They were able to speak to me through her for a time of 3-4 hours. At first I was only being given information but later I was told who they were and was able to converse, interact, and ask questions. I learned things about my mother's own past, for example, that even she did not know. (I.E. that her sisters were sexually abused by her father). I know this may all sound unbelievable but there are so many things that were said that nobody else could have known and all turn out to be true.

My sister only remembers bits and pieces. She is only 22 years old, and I am 25. They acknowledged the fact that we were on E and said that it was only necessary at first to become uninhibited. With practice, the E won't be necessary. The second time it happened we were also on E. The third time it happened during the day and there was no E, however, it was for only a shorter period of time and my sister was not as relaxed and was a bit scared. We talked about my father and I about how life is after death, what they can and can't do, I talked to my grandmother about the moment she passed away which only she and I witnessed. She brought up things that only she could know because I was there.

I know I was on a drug, however, I believe it only served to relax and uninhibit us in a way that would bring this to happen. Supposedly, they were trying to communicate to us for a while back, saw the opportunity and took it. It was also the first time my sister had done E and we did it together to try and talk and solve family problems. My sister now has the power to see through people.

See whether they are good, bad, honest, sad, happy etc. The problem is she sees more about people than she is willing to know and it freaks her out. We also spoke with my Uncle that I had never met, and the brother of one of my best friends who died several years ago. We learned that his ashes have not been dispersed by the mother which was not supposed to be the case and turned out to be true.


This is all within the realm of transpersonal experiences which can be invoked with these substances. I will relate a somewhat similar experience:

A friend of mine who had been in a religious order for several years invited me to share a cactus extract he had made. We began midmorning walking on foot in the Sandia peaks and walked right along the edge, ice and loose rock all around. We then took a ride back to his place and continued our journey. As things were beginning to settle down from the cacti extract, some 2CB appeared in a glass of orange juice and we both partook of about 30mg.

Some evocative music was then put on the stereo and we both lay down and began the inner journey. We were still quite in the trance of the cacti when the 2CB began to cross the blood brain barrier. A little while later my good friend got up to get himself some orange juice. It was at this point that i noticed his physical features, posture, and "behavior nuances" had transformed.

When i went to college many years ago i became very close friends with a fellow classmate. We were in a religious organization together (monks and brothers if you will). He was exceptionally intelligent (IQ over 180) but unfortunately was also manic depressive. Lithium helped, but he loved his mania, and would stop taking it. He eventually took his own life, some ten years before this event.

My friend became transformed into my dead friend. He appeared to be able to channel his spirit. He "became" my dead friend for a period of time. We talked about many things we had done that only he and i would know about. He forgave me for not attending his funeral... As this was going on it seemed ever so natural. i didn't even think it was out of the ordinary. As the medicinals began to wear off a young man who had been studying with my friend as an apprentice stopped by and we shared some 2CB with him. During this time things gradually "morphed" back the way they were.

I slept very well that night, and it wasn't until about halfway through the plane ride home the following day that i began reflecting on what had really happened. My friend, who had always been into a lot of this "new age" psychobabble stuff, had transformed himself into my dead friend to allow me to "be" with him again. Needless to say it was a transforming experience for me.

What really happened? I have not a clue. But i certainly don't look at life and death the same way anymore. index
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