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E brings out true emotions>

E is definitely a drug that brings out the true emotions a person has inside of them. It has made me really bond with some people. But other times I have regretted using it.>

One of the first times doing E was with a person I was already interested in. The rave that night was incredible and I spent the entire time with that one person, just bonding with her. And I really felt a true sense of pure happiness. But things didn't work out as planned as I was leaving for a long getaway. That night had been one of the most enjoyeable of my life, and the feeling had been mutual. I ended up leaving, planning to stay away from home for a year. The whole time away from this person I had ended missing them so much I decided to come back after only three months. >

We both were not sure of how we wanted things to be when I came back. But we agreed to see each other still. I really looked forward to the next time I would be able to drop E with her again, but the anticipation turned out to be the only thing I enjoyed that night. >

When we kissed on E our very first time the feelings were so intense, but the night of this rave our kiss was not even close to that. I wasn't even turned on by her anymore. I couldn't believe that such intense feelings could dissapear just like that! >

But if I couldn't even enjoy it on E then I realized that this was not going to work with her, and I know she felt the same way about things. I thank the E for really waking me up, instead of faking my emotions and lying everytime I tell her I care about her.>

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