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More caring and less superficial

I experienced my first pill recently and had a wonderful and life-changing experience.

The insights that I have learned while on ecstasy are all that I have been able to think about since I've been back. I have learned so much about myself these past several days while contemplating the entire experience. I've noticed so many changes within myself including less hostility or more tolerance to different people. I feel a little more caring, human, less bitter, even a little less superficial. I feel that life is just better in general.

My relationship with my mother has improved tremendously. And so has my relationship with other people with whom I have always felt mild annoyances towards. I feel my usual obsession with finding a party or social situation to be a little lessened. I'm not as interested in these types of superficial relationships. One-night stands are definitely a turn-off. I don't find myself seeking out the types of boys that I used to be interested in --- the gorgeous but emotionally-unavailable player types.

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