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Nice things to do on E

February 2001: and some more...

Get four glowsticks and tape each one on the arms of a ceiling fan....turn it on, lie back and enjoy the show

Water gun fight!

Eat a strawberry really slowly and get all the juices out of it... its incredible...

May 2000: yet more...

Hear Something That Makes No Sound: while standing, have someone with a metal slinky put the last ring about half way back in your mouth and bite down slightly on it. Look down and close your eyes. Have the person very gently tap the slinky at intervals, and you CAN'T hear the sound but you can mentally feel or hear the sound of the slinky. It sounds like a light-sabre in an echo tunnel all over in your head and body!

Sea Breeze: sit down on a couch or something have someone in front of you (on top of you, straddling, whatever) and hold open your eyes and blow in through a tube like a ballpoint pen or something (or just pucker your lips tight) and blow on your face and in your eyes.

Fall THROUGH The Floor: lie face down on the floor with your arms straight out over your head. Have someone stand over you (straddling) and grab you by the wrists. Close your eyes and have the person lift you up by your wrists so your back arches slightly and at the hips. Have them hold you with your wrists at maybe just above their waist level for 30 seconds to a minute, then VERY slowly let you back down. Make sure you have your eyes closed the whole time and your body is relaxed (your head/neck). By the time you are about half way down you will be expecting your face to touch the floor... but it won't! You will feel SO weird when you finally reach the ground.

March 2000: And here's some more!

Wash your hair or have someone else wash it for you

Flip your head over and brush your hair upside down

Take your top off and rub your back all over rough carpet, not too hard or the next morning it'll hurt!

Have people get fat (not permanent) markers and drew all over your tummy and back, its heaven
- and finally bust out dancing like no one can see you

If you have a black light, go to a toy store and get a neon rainbow colored slinky. (If you don't have a black light, get one, silly!) Then lay on your back, close one eye, hold on end of the slinky over your eye (the open one) and have a friend hold the other end. Have your friend shake the slinky, move it up and down, etc. This is also cool to do to music. Then switch and give your friend a show. If you're alone (hopefully not!), you can stand and look down the slinky.

Run through the snow

Go sleighriding

Have a snowball fight

Sit in a quiet bathroom on the toilet and just look around.... Try whispering to your self quietly, "This is so cool!" Your voice will echo throughout the bathroom.

Lie down on the floor and have a girl or guy with long hair over you and dangle their hair in your face, swooshing it side to side and up and down. This must be done gently but it feels so good.

Have someone put their head down and then open your mouth real wide and breathe real slow on the back of their neck.

Cloth on the face - take different types of material, velvet, fleece, a terry bath towel, basically anything you can find in the house, a rave shirt. Have someone hold the cloth firmly by the side and then press the cloth into the back of your neck... then slowly bring the cloth forward traveling up the neck and the back of the head, all the way over the forehead and then down across the face.

Play-Doh, soften it up and it's wonderful (but don't eat it!)

Roll naked in grass or leaves

Lay on ground and have friend pour non-cooked rice then beans then grits on back with no shirt on then go take shower

Use a feather duster on others back (but buy new one - don't get dusty)

Feb 2000: Yet more of your suggestions of fun things to do on E!

Try walking/running through wet grass

Skipping - this has the same effect as running or jogging but the hopping feeling of skipping is intensified and you feel like you're hopping twice as high

Ice pops - a fat free dessert so you can eat more than one and the cold sweet icy taste is unbelievable when you're rollin' hard

Have someone drive you to a grocery store or toy store. Walk up and down the aisles. You'll find your own little toys/devices that look cool to play with. Don't bring too much money, you'll end up spending it all...

Speaking of toys to play with, silly putty. Its not only cool to feel with your hands, but you can stick it to a face that is printed in a newspaper and it will imprint. Then stretch the silly putty and watch the face stretch and misproportion. Its neat

Go with your car through a car-wash lean back and enjoy!
(but get a non-rolling friend to drive you)

Popping candy 'Fizz Wizz' or 'Pop Rocks' etc, that pops when it gets wet on your tongue, wet your mouth then drop it onto your tongue

Have a bath

Play with any water (if a bath is not an option)

Food - any sour food will enhance the feeling, like lemons or limes. Also spicy food like horseradish inflame your tongue and give you the best feeling

Ice-cube kisses - kiss your lover or friend with an ice cube in your mouth

Run! Believe it or not, if you're in fairly good shape it feels good to run! You go faster and farther and when you stop, after no matter how long, the rush is SO intense!

Foot and hand rubs are divine to give and get, especially if you use scented oil and squeeze or pull on the fingertips & toes

Wrap yourself in new fleece, it's the most soft comforting wonderful feeling!

Get a glow stick and sit in complete darkness, then move the glow stick VERY FAST in front of your face, it's unbelievable!

Watch a fire

Walk barefoot in sand

Try sticking your head out the window while riding in a car (look out for oncoming objects though)

Play on the swings at a deserted playground at 2am

Rollerblade or go bikeriding. This is amazing because of the exercise.

Ride a roller coaster.

Wear something soft like velvet...

Kittens! (Be gentle)

From lots of different people

A 19-year-old college student writes:

I spent many hours looking on the internet for various things to enhance the increased sensory perception that E produces, but could not find anything to supplement my E experiences. For other's benefit here is a list of some very fun things to try while on E:

If you are a smoker: Smoking feels very good on E. My advice is to smoke menthol cigarettes while on E because it feels amazing. Be careful though, it is easy to smoke too much.

An E hug: Have someone sit on the ground with their legs drawn in and their arms around their legs. Then approach them from behind and give them a completely encompassing hug, the feeling, again is indescribable.

Vick's: Vicks cream feels very good while you are on E. Just put some below your nose for a fun experience.

Ring pops: Ring pops are wonderful, because candy tastes and feels so good on your lips. For fun try this: place the ring pop in one side of somebody elses mouth and then kiss the other side of their mouth. This feels great!

Back rubs: Back rubs are wonderful also because each time you are touched it feels as if the person's fingertips are radiating warmth into your body. Hand rubs are wonderful also

THE BEST THING TO DO: Hopefully if you are at a rave there will be a giant fan there. Raves are usually very hot, and usually they have a big fan to keep everybody cool. For the best feeling, have somebody put cold water in their hands and smear it on your face and chest and then stand directly in front of the fan. This is the best feeling in the whole world, enjoy it. index
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