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I met the man of my life on E

I had been using E for 3 years exactly. It was my first hit anniversary on Halloween, and I was at a private E party. The best DJ's in this part of the country were spinning in my friends living room that night... I was dressed up as a techno cat and having a blast, when this guy shouts out in my ear... He wanted me to give him a tiger balm massage. Between my brothers I'm always the one bringing the essential tiger balm... it's kinda my job... So I said sure... I gave him a big massage and then he did the same to me... He was so hot looking... wow... I was blown away... He was the only one at the party that I had never met before, and booy was I happy I had met him.

It has been two years since that party and I now live with the man of my life. Each time Halloween comes by we celebrate by popping a few tablets and partying at our already organised party. I believe that without E I never would have lived such a fully emotional filled life... disregard all the nasty things that I hear about the drug, just one look at my man and everything is left behind. I love him, and I love E

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