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Cure for migraine

Anyone who has ever had one migraine attack knows of the excruciating pain and dehabilitating effects. I was a cronic sufferer with several attacks a week.

I have suffered from cronic migraine for many years following a traffic accident in which I suffered whiplash & damage to my optic nerves. Following my first experience with MDMA I was free from headaches for about 2 weeks, something of a record. After that the migraines returned. A couple of months later I tried XTC again and low and behold 2 more weeks free of pain. Since then (about 2 years) I have become a regular user and have been (almost totally) free from migraine attacks. It is worth noting that I have suffered no ill effect. Physiologically I have felt better with myself, and the rest of humanity. I only wish I could get them on prescription. index
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