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Kundalini raised by ecstasy

I am a 21 year old healthy, physically active male.

I have recently been using E in a very meditative fashion, usually sitting outside and sensing EVERYTHING in my surroundings. This practice has caused real physical effects which I had attributed to sensory overload. My heart starts racing and sometimes my hands and feet go a bit numb. This is NOT a reaction to MDMA per se: if I just use it normally, no effects.

After one such experience I couldnt 'shut off' my mind and for the next few weeks I experienced: Increased blood pressure, Some heart palpitation, numbness in the hands and feet, A continuous feeling that I was still on E and A feeling of 'Energy' and 'Light' flowing through my body.

I even had a CAT scan which turned up no abnormalities... this was serious.

Then, recently I noticed that now I can feel a distinct force between my fingers when I hold my hands together - almost magnetic or electrical - and when I visualize this energy I can make it grow to where I can feel a REAL ball of energy between my hands. With intense meditation, it gets to the point that i cannot even close my hands together.

A few weeks ago I would have thought someone a bit wacky who was reporting such effects, but now after reading G. Krishnas books, and accounts on K awakenings I cannot help but put credence into the idea that there is some little known real force in man that can be activated by meditation or, more easily, by MDMA use. index
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