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Ecstasy brought back my anxiety

In 96, I came down with an anxiety disorder which lasted until year end 97 after some psychotherapy, a lot of soul searching, and a l lot of learning about myself. I felt this problem came on for a number of real reasons, not necessarily my casual use of e.

At any rate, I guess I had to test my limits on New Year's Eve and did a half a hit of e. I cannot be totally sure what exactly I took: I certainly got ectasy like effects, but my heart rate was over 120 6 hours after I took a half pill!

Well, the point is, I am now back to being very anxious again. I realize it was a mistake for me to take the e, but its too late now. I had my 4 hours of fun and now have to pay the price! I pretty sure that this stuff altered my brain chemistry or at least threw it out of whack temporarily. I'm still wiped out, I've slept a ton (12 hours a night), and I have a lot of anxiety and mild depression.

I certainly would highly discourage the use of e by any person with a history of anxiety, depression, or any other neuroses, it doesn't help, TRUST ME!!! index
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