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Body and soul: an out-of-body experience

I had been doing X for about six months and found that I wanted to get an even better high. Stupid, I know but I wanted to be the one who had an experience that no-one has had before.

One night I had the chance to put my self at the high I wanted. I had fifteen pills of Mitsubishi's. So I started to give them to my friends. We all were at my friends house and decided it would be a good idea to have a rolling party. So I gave all of my friends that were there a pill. I had four left and decided to take two of the four remaining.

I began to feel the affects about thirty minutes later, my body had touched by a cloud, a real thick moist cloud and it was warm. It was like nothing I had felt before but I told myself that some one else has felt what I felt. Well, I finally talked myself into taking the last two pills.

As I was sitting there getting a massage I was suddenly struck by the urge to dance. I got up, told the girl that was massaging me to put on a techno disc, and then realised that I wasn't in reality any more. As my body moved like water, my veins moved throughout my body like worms in the ground on a rainy day. The felt like they were crawling out of me. My body felt like someone had placed me in a giant bowl of warm Jell-O and it was hugging me like it loved me passionately.

As I began to become more and more into my own world I began to pop a little, as the pop became harder and harder and the liquid felt like it was leaving every finger tip and toe. I then gave one really hard pop and shook my soul from my body! As I was floating about two feet above the ground, I looked at my hands and they were see through. I then tried to speak but no sound came out.

I looked at my friends that were sitting on the couch and realised they were looking at a kid who was dancing like they have never seen before. I then proceeded to float over to this strange-looking dance-style and wanted to see who was doing such a beautiful thing. I tried to touch him but my hand went right through his shoulder. At the same time my shoulder felt like an orgasmic massage. I bent over to see who this person was and, to my surprise, it was me. Now this is when people would start to freak out but I couldn't, I was more in awe than anything. I was looking at my own body. It was weird, I never have seen my self like this before.

Then I wanted to touch me - I wanted to feel the orgasmic massage all over my whole back. I began to rub my own back, or pass through it. I could feel every ghostly swipe of my hands on my own back. Then I wanted to massage deeper, and deeper. Until I placed my face in my back. It was the most amazing thing in the world. The inside of body was luminated by my glowing heart. It was so beautiful, I felt like crying. I reached out and grabbed it and started to rub it, it felt weird. Soft like feathers but thick like pudding. I thought it would be cool if I jumped all the way into my body, and gave my whole body that orgasmic feeling. So I jumped into my body. It was like a suit at first then everything went black for about five seconds. I thought that I was dead. But the weird part about it was if I really had died I would have been happy. As a bright light started to appear I opened my eyes and saw everyone huddled on the couch looking at me.

It was the best night of my life. It was special to me, but I don't think that I will do that again. People who are out there, X is great, just be very careful with it.

Anonymous, 19-years old