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Study of chill out rooms

Study of chill-out rooms

I am a final year student studying for a degree in Sociology at the
University of Surrey and I am carrying out a research project on chill-out
rooms in clubs for my dissertation. Through my research I have discovered
that although there has been a number of studies carried out on ecstasy,
raves and dance culture, little work has been done on the significance of
the chill-out room.

My research will involve carrying out observations in chill-out rooms at a
number of clubs in London. I will examine the design of the chill-out
room, funtions, behaviour, social norms, the significance of the chill-out
room to the clubbers and to the club organisers, and so on.

For this research I also need to obtain accounts of peoples' views, feelings
and experiences of chill-out rooms, for example:

Do you know of any particularly good/bad chill-out rooms and what makes them

What do you feel are the main functions of the chill-out room?
What is appropriate/inappropriate behaviour?
Are there any taken for granted rules of behaviour?
Any episodes in which people have broken these rules?

I need anecdotes, stories, personal experiences, comments, etc, long or short,
as soon as possible please. Any help will be gratefully received and all
information will be treated in confidence.

My E-mail address is:

Rachel Murphy