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Attitudes of youth compared to media

Attitudes of youth compared to media

[Erowid Note: Jan 15, 2013. The author contacted us to ask us to have this removed. For historical purposes, without further information, we have decicded to leave this page as is and note that we have no information about whether any research was actually conducted. Email address removed.]

I am undertaking a research project to investigate the different ways in which problems associated with the drug ecstasy are being tackled in the UK compared with Europe - primarily in Holland where there have been far fewer reported ecstasy-related fatalities.

The study will include a comparison of the attitudes of the youth and the media towards the drug and of drug education in schools, colleges and the rave events where the drug is most popular. It will also compare the official drug policies and the success of harm-reduction strategies by statutory and non-statutory organisations throughout England and Holland, and to some extent in Belgium and Germany.

I have applied to the Peter Kirk Memorial Fund and, if successful, this will cover a proportion of the costs. The project is also supported by the DrugNet, a voluntary organisation utilising Information Technology to challenge problematic drug use.

From: [removed] (Gareth Falder)