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In Search of the Ultimate High: spiritual experience through psychoactives

"At last here is a book that tells the truth about psychoactive drugs... a guide and inspiration for anyone who has glimpsed the ineffable and wondered what on earth to do with their insight."

Susan Blackmore
author of The Meme Machine

In Search of the Ultimate High, the book Nicholas Saunders was working on before he died, was published in March 2000 by Random House.

The book has its own website at where you can read reviews and extracts.

A guidebook to the ways that people use psychoactive substances to explore spirituality, In Search of the Ultimate High takes a calm and rational look at two of the most controversial issues of the day: drugs and religion.

Offering a timely and unique perspective on the current debate over the use of drugs, this book focuses on the fact that for thousands of years mind-expanding substances have been used as an adjunct of spiritual practice by individuals seeking profound experiences.

In a wide-ranging exploration of the relationship between psychoactives and spirituality In Search of the Ultimate High covers:

• Psychedelic churches from all over the world
• Use of psychoactives in world religions
• Shamanistic use
• Rave spirituality
• Preparation and integration of a spiritual experience

From people who take package tours to the Amazon to try ancient psychedelic brews to Buddhist monks who use ecstasy to aid meditation, In Search of the Ultimate High is illustrated throughout with fascinating first-hand accounts from those who have sought the ultimate high through mind-expanding substances.

In Search of the Ultimate High also features:

• A foreword by Ann and Alexander Shulgin (former US government chemist, 'inventor' of MDMA (ecstasy), author of PiHKAL and TiHKAL)
• Cover artwork by Alex Grey (internationally renowned visionary artist)
• Legal and medical sections which have the backing of professionals in those fields
• Full annotated bibliography
• Further resources