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Request for help and information

Requests for your help and information

This page will be used for particular requests as and when they occur.

Can you participate in a scientific study about ecstasy testing kits?

"My name is Suzanne Murray and I am studying for an MSc in Psychology at the University of Liverpool, UK. For my dissertation I am investigating ecstasy testing kits, patterns of drug use, and their long-term effects.

The study questionnaire is *only* open to individuals who have purchased an ecstasy testing-kit in the past, or individuals who plan to buy one for the first time in the near future. This survey is completed online and takes approximately 20 minutes to fill in. We anticipate that the information gained from this study will enable us to make a more accurate assessment of the usefulness of testing kits, and provide us with a greater understanding of the reasons why people use them. Introductory notes and a link to the questionnaire can be found at this address:

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Please remember that your participation would be anonymous and we will make no attempt to trace answers back to respondents. We ask for no personal information apart from age and occupation, but please be aware that some employers may monitor which internet sites you visit."

Research Announcement: Share your beliefs about MDMA / Ecstasy

Do you have experiences of, or beliefs about, the effects of the drug ecstasy? Researchers from the Department of Psychology, University of Liverpool and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS, USA) wish to learn more about subjective experiences of ecstasy. We also wish to hear from individuals who have never used ecstasy before but who are willing to share their opinions about what they believe the effects of ecstasy might be.

We hope to learn more about different groups of ecstasy user and the types of use that ecstasy is put to. Hence we are interested in all types of experience with ecstasy, including recreational, therapeutic, and spiritual uses. This information should provide a better understanding of the role ecstasy and other entactogens play or have played in people's lives. We hope that this study will enable us to provide information about drugs targeted to a specific setting or type of use.

The study takes the form of a questionnaire that you can complete in your own time, and will take about 35-45 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is available in a variety of formats, which can either be completed using a word processor or printed onto paper. To download the questionnaire please click here and follow the instructions.

Details of electronic submission of completed questionnaires are also given. Alternatively, if you live in the UK and wish to receive a paper copy of the questionnaire in the post (and if you require more information about the study in general) please contact Dr Harry Sumnall ( in COMPLETE CONFIDENCE. You will not have to speak to a researcher if you do not wish to. None of your personal details will be kept on file. All e-mail correspondences will be immediately deleted after processing.

Volunteers sought by researcher

A PhD student at the University of East London is conducting research on the effects of recreational drug use with particular emphasis on Ecstasy. The study is surveying around 500 young people, ranging from non-drug users to heavy drug users, and those who wish to help with this research are invited to fill in the questionnaire here.

UK and European residents sought for online survey on rave lifestyle

Researchers at the Department of Psychology, University of Liverpool invite UK and European residents to take part in an online survey assessing the use of dance drugs and the behaviours surrounding this use in the rave and nightclub environment. The study is split up into several parts and is open to any individual who enjoys the rave and party lifestyle, whether they use drugs or not. Full explanatory notes accompany the questionnaire.

Click here for the survey introduction

Journalism student seeks interviewees for radio documentary

Vicki Keogh is a final year journalism student at Sheffield University looking at the positive or negative effects of ecstasy on users for a radio documentary. She is seeking interviewees and would like to get in touch with anyone researching this subject or anyone who feels they have experienced the positive effects of ecstasy.
For more details please contact Vicki at

Volunteers sought by researcher

A researcher at Edgehill College of Higher Education, Lancashire is looking for volunteers to fill out a questionnaire about their ecstasy use. She is also looking for current and previous Ecstasy users to take part in a cognitive study at the college. More details.

Volunteers sought for study at the University of Liverpool

The Department of Psychology, University of Liverpool, is interested in recruiting volunteers who wish to take part in research looking into the effects of the recreational use of drugs, including Ecstasy. Several projects, some offering monetary compensation for volunteers time, are ongoing. We are particularly interested in hearing from those that live in the Merseyside area.
For more details please e-mail Harry at

MDMA research in Switzerland - effects of regular Ecstasy use

Currently, we are conducting a study looking into the long-term effects of heavy Ecstasy use. We are recruiting preferential Ecstasy users who have consumed at least 100 doses. Detailed drug histories of subjects are being taken so that the possible effect of drugs other than MDMA can be brought into data analysis. Areas to be examined are attention (Stroop Test), memory (Auditory Verbal Learning Test), brain waves (EEG), cerebral blood flow (PET) and the acoustic startle reflex. The experimental part of this study will be concluded in Spring/early Summer 1998. For more information on these projects, please contact us at the address below.
Preliminary Findings.

Alex Gamma and F.X. Vollenweider, M.D. Psychiatric University Hospital Research Department P.O. Box 68 8029 Zurich Switzerland E-mail:

Schizophrenia and E

A researcher into schizophrenia is interested to hear reports from sufferers who have taken ecstasy. Please reply to Dr Holland at index
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