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Intra ocular lenses and Ecstasy

I have Intra ocular lenses implanted into my eyes. Will there be any complications with interocular pressure if I take Ecstasy?
I had surgery in 1997 and my first operation had complications, a high blood presure in my right eye. I don't know if after the surgery my eyes may be more sensitive to this? I am a 19yr old male suffering from Myopia and Astigmatism.

Expert reply

Intra ocular lenses are normally implanted into eyes after cataract surgery or for the treatment of someone who is very short-sighted. Someone who is very myopic (short sighted), is at a high risk of having retinal detachment (which is why they don't let very short sighted boxers box). About 7% of people who have had intraocular lens implanted for myopia have problems with increased intraocular pressure severe enough to need continuos medication.

If you have had a high pressure in one eye after intra ocular implants, I would be particularly cautious about using e. This advice has to be based on theoretical considerations, not on any practical experience, or even anything published in the literature; there isn't any..... MDMA does tend to dilate the pupil. A dilated pupil may, particularly in an abnormal eye, slow the rate at which the aqueous humour in the front of the eye drains back into the blood stream. (it is normally drained away as fast as it is produced). This will increase the pressure inside the eye and this in turn will obstruct the blood flow to the retina and cause other problems. So there is a theoretical possibility that e might increase your intra ocular pressure and thus cause damage, particularly in an already compromised eye. In this case, damage is a euphemism for blindness....

In short I wouldn't take the risk, but it is your decision. What you might like to do is make a copy of this advice and take it back to the surgeon who originally operated on your eyes at your next follow up visit, and see what (s)he says.

If, despite my advice, you decide to go ahead and a problem does develop in your eye, seek appropriately skilled medical help quickly, and be very frank with them about what you have taken.

In short it's the advice of Mr Punch to the young man about to marry; Don't!