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Ketamine overdose?

>I have a big question and this is very serious. I pretty much know
>what mixes well and what doesn't. But, about a week ago in Chicago ... me
>and a friend of mine sat and did about 80 dollars of Special K. And by the
>end of the night at the Rave.. All I could do was lay on the floor and
>shake. Everything smelled wierd, and I felt like I was floating. It was
>almost like I was tripping. Anyways,ever since that night I have
>flashbacks and I feel high all the time. I can't eat or sleep. My mind is
>completely ate up. Did I overdose? I know that I went into a K-hole, But how
>bad did this effect me?

Ketamine is an anaesthetic which is still used in hospitals in much higher doses (obviously so high that it knocks you out cold!), and has the reputation of being very safe. So, as far as neurotoxicity (brain damage) is concerned it is probably the safest recreational drug around, and if it was Ketamine then you should not worry about it causing you physical damage.

However, it can sometimes produce experiences which are more difficult to handle than LSD, withj less defined boundaries between the experience and real life. So, like all intense experiences, it can produce psychological damage in susceptible people.

Another problem with Ketamine that deos not apply to LSD or mushrooms is that it is addictive. Even responsible people who use it regularly quite often become addicted, although this is not a danger to worry about for people who take it a few times by mistake.

Finally, Ketamine appears to be the favourite scape goat for people who have bad experiences. Remember that bad experiences can happen with even pure MDMA in some situations, so don't always blame the chemical.

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