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What is the danger level of Ecstasy?

>i'd like to ask a question. I'm a 24y.o. female and i've been taking e for
>3 years now. The thing is; i usually take 2 hits-1 first, then another one
>in about an hour and a half. I take it once a month.
>Is it very dangerous to take 2 e's?

The last query I had was from a guy who takes 5 every weekend, and I know of people who have taken more than double that for 4 years, so your useage is comparatively moderate.

No one knows what is the safe dose of E. The lowest guesses for the level where Ecstasy is toxic (by researchers on animals) are around 200mg for an average person although people do vary in sensitivity to it, but other researchers think that its not toxic even at high doses. Most Es in the UK are around 100mg (they tend to be weaker in the USA), so 2 is probably OK.

At present there is a research project on what might be a safe level of E basewd on animal experiments, and when results are available they will be publicised on this site.