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E with Multiple Sclerosis

>...I have a friend with multiple sclorosis. I'm not sure what (if any)
>medication he's on. He wants to try ecstasy, but is a little concerned
>about whether having MS will alter his reaction. Do you know of anyone
>who's taken E and has MS? I suppose it's daft to ask if there's been any
>research done in the area?

I do know of a woman aged 30 with MS who had a very positive experience on E: she felt so good she was able to enjoy life and move in ways that she thought she would never be able to do again.

But the second time it was not good and so she decided not to risk it again. I was asked to ask the experts if they knew why this may be, but none had any ideas. I suppose it depends partly on the situation, but I also expect that the second time she had built up great hopes of a recovery and was very disappointed that they did not occur.

As for medications, bad reactions could be caused by MAO inhibitor-type anti-depressants, while the SSRI-type like Prozac are more likley to reduce the effect of Ecstasy.