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Heroin in Ecstasy

>This is in response to your page that denied allegations suggesting that
>dealers sometimes spike their e with heroine. You say that it never
>happens. This is not true, atleast anymore. Recentley I was in a club in
>Vancouver and I ran into my dependable e dealer / friend who I have met
>and talked to numerous times at various raves throughout the last year.
>In my opinion he is a good trustable guy when it comes to the drugs he
>sells (which are varied). Many of the people I have hooked up with him
>have come back to me smiling and thanked me. I've tried it too and it's
>real. He gets it from the same source that a number of VERY well
>respected e dealers get thier tablets. Same price same insignias same
>names. So you get the impression that the guy has good e from a reliable
>source and he doesn't lie about it. The other day when I was talking to
>him at the club trying to hook up a friend of mine he offered me a
>variety called "Prince". I asked him what the difference between that
>and say the budah or the white dove. He said it had roughly 2% heroine
>in it. He wasn't ashamed of it, he wasn't boasting about it. I still
>didn't buy it fearing a bigger than usual come down for my friend.

I can only speak for past results, but logic is against adding 2% Heroin for several reasons.

First, such a small quantity taken orally would be ineffective and so there would be no noticeable change in quality. Secondly, it would cost more. Thirdly, in case you believe the other myth about dope peddlers adding addictive drugs to get people hooked, addiction does not occur when the amount is so small that the effects are not felt.

In my experience, dealers are no better informed about what they are selling than users.

There is a simple way to find out: get a pill tested. If you are prepared to buy one of these, then I will arrange to have it tested. All I insist on is that you buy the pill as a user and that it has a known and recognisable logo; this is to avoid a special pill being made up to mislead.

I am open to new information, but the tests doen on 'smacky' Es have always turned out to contain no active quantities of heroin. The article on my site was written years ago but still applies.

Nicholas Saunders