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Why doesn't E work any more?

>Over the past six weeks, I have had the opportunity to try E, in a
>rave setting, four times. The first time was one of the most amazing
>experiences I can recall. The day after the rave, I felt my life had
>almost changed, as though I saw everything in a new light. The next two
>times after were enjoyable, but not as intense, as we supposedly took
>the more peaceful 'Dove' and not what we had the first time around.
>Last week at a party, my experience was different though. I popped a
>Dove @ 1am and got ready to have a wonderful time, but it did not really
>happen. I felt the early rushes, though weak, but once dancing my mind
>was at war, battling to have an amazing time. The whole night seemed to
>be just confusing, fighting to enjoy the e to its potential. The next
>day, I was almost depressed, fearing that I had lost the ability to
>enjoy the experience and would never be able to do it again. It's been
>a few days now and I'm starting to be more optimistic about the
>situation, but still fear that I may have a bad, if it really was bad, or
>maybe just weak, trip. Could it be that I had done it the previous week
>and week prior to that and had just built up a tolerance, so the
>intensity was decreased? Was it possibly because I wasn't with the
>close friends I am usually with, rather just barely acquaintances, that
>the vibe of the party and mood I was in affected my trip? Trust me, I 'm
>not looking for answers, just insight and inspiration as I try to renew
>the mindset I had before this bad experience. Hope to hear back from

Your experience is, unfortunately, very common. Many people never get the same good feelings as the first few times in the "good old days", but some do find that a long break restores the lost effect.
Some people even claim that this indicates permanent damage, but I am glad to say that this is not supported by the major researchers. Others point out that a similar effect is noticed with a number of other drugs and its probably psychological, although it does not apply to LSD or mushrooms.
I know its not much consolation, but I think the lesson for newcomers to the scene is to really make the best of those first few occasions in case they are the last really good ones. And, in my opinion, the best way to use them is not only to have great fun for the moment, but to learn from the experience: examine how you feel on E and what is different, then try to retain the same outlook without the drug.

A reader from South Africa says he has overcome this problem by using 2CB with ecstasy