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Asthma, antibiotics and inhalers

>I was wondering what the situation with regards to MDMA use amongst
>Asthma sufferers is? Are they at any particular risk?
There has been some suggestion that asthma remedies may interact badly, and there was also a report of an asthmatic who died from an attack while on E, but I have not heard evidence of any definite connection.

Reply from a reader:
I was reading the bit about antibiotics and asthma on your
website and wanted to add that I've used E on both antibiotics
(specifically amoxyillin) and inhalers (ventolin/salbutamol) with
no major problems; however, one side effect of penicillin based
antibiotics is that they can upset your stomach, something that
ecstasy can do as well. Ventolin increases your heartrate and
can cause the jitters, something that ecstasy also does, so I
think I would only combine the two with caution.

Ecstasy has also, in my experience, a wonderful habit of being
a general decongestant, great remedy for cold and flu symptoms,
in this way it is similar to speed.
I'm no expert, that's just my experience.

Another reply from a reader
Just thought i'd add my support to this. I've suffered from asthma my whole life, although it was a lot worse when I was younger, and have been taking E regularly for about three or four years now. I find that I never experience any asthma problems while on E, and hardly ever have to use my inhaler. On the few occassions I have used it while high, it really never effected me one way or the other (other than clearing my chest, of course)

I find that E generally clears my entire respiratory system out, which is a great little bonus.