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Is it bad to take E every day?

>It's just a few months I'm taking some E...but the last weeks I take almost
>every day 1 dose (in school) and in the weekends I take from 3 till 10 E's a day..
>I also take some speed in the weekends..
>What could happen if I continue like that?
>I don't feel any negative effects of it for the moment.
>Is there also a possibillity my brain will be damaged and that I can't
>think anymore like before..
>Many people warn me I have to quit but I would like to know what I really
>have of damage.
Dutch man

There really is no definite answer. Some people are badly affected by small amounts and others take a lot without problems. There is also the risk that there may be long term effects due to neuronal damage; its not yet been seen, but many researchers believe it will be.

The more you take, the greater the risk that you will damage yourself in some way, although it probably would be worse if you took the same amount once a week instead of spread out over the week. This is because toxicity depends more on the amount in your blood at any one time.

Personally I think it is a waste of the experience to do it every day. Its the contrast with normality that makes E so special and provides a new viewpoint, but you only get that with ocasional use.

And don't you find the effect is no better than speed when you take it all the time? I suggest keeing it for special occasions, and that means no more than once a month. Beware of getting addicted in the sense of relying on it to feel good. Instead, try to remember the feelings and bring them into everyday life.