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Can E make people even more distant afterwards?

>Is it possible that people sometimes get so close while they
>are actually high on E that when it wears off they become
>paranoid and more distant than they were before (perhaps
>because they feel they let down too many barriers)?
Australian man


I think so. For many people it is wonderfully refreshing to be free of ones' own barriers while on E, but they later find their open behaviour, which often involves revealing socially unacceptable qualities such as weakness and unconditional love, is hard to come to terms with and assimilate into normal life. That can result in denying the validity of the experience, and dismissing it as 'drug induced' and therfore not real. The emotional conflict may result in a headache or paranoia as you say.

I have been with someone who took E to overcome her constant stomach tension. At the time she was delighted with her ability to let go and had insights into the cause, but later she denied that it had allowed her to open up and let go of her tensions, saying that it was the effect of the drug on me that had distorted my perception of her. Luckily, I had taken a photo and she was amazed to see her own face with a wide open smile!