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Should we make decisions on ecstasy?

I've been taking ecstasy regularly for about three years, so I'd say
it's a pretty major part of my life. As with a lot of people, things
completely changed when I started taking it.....I fell in love with
my girlfriend and moved in with her, our circle of friends expanded
and we all became much closer as people. I even chucked my job in to
go grape-picking in France! I didn't think at the time, but all
those changes were as a result of taking ecstasy.

I can remember the night I got together with my was
the day after we'd been out clubbing. It was her first pill, and only
my fifth so we were both really loved up. We decided to get together
and it just kept going from there. Our relationship has always been
up and down since then, which makes me wonder if we really are right
for each other.

At the start there was no doubt whatsoever, but now I only ever feel
like that after I've had a couple of pills! I worry sometimes that
it's only Ecstasy that keeps us together.

So, should we make important descisions about our lives under the
influence of Ecstasy? I think we probably shouldn't.

I suppose the best advice would be to use the experiences on Ecstasy
to guide your descisions in everyday life. That's all very well
until you start going out most weekends, and Ecstasy pretty much is
your everyday life!


My advice, as in my books, is to re-evaluate the experience later, and not make decisions until some time afterwards. Ecstasy can often provide wonderful truthful insights, but they are often "tunnel vision". That is, you may focus on one aspect without seeing the whole issue in perspective.

However, I would not distrust romances started on ecstasy. Timothy Leary married a woman the week after they met on E and that lasted for 12 years or more. My own got off to a kick start on E, and from that incredible closeness we gradually discovered how much we have in common.
Nicholas Saunders