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No overwhelming feelings of love

>my girlfriend and i are planning to experiment tonight, however,
>the first time we took it ( and the only time i've ever taken it ) did
>not have the results i expected. at first i thought it was bad x, but
>later i thought it was me, as in i didn't react to it well. it wasn't a
>bad experience, but it wasn't what i expected, i expected to have
>overwhelming feelings of love, but it never happened. what do you think?

Remember that E is not a happy pill: it doesn't have a specific effect like an aspirin or speed, it is an opener that releases feelings and what comes out of you depends very much on what state you are in and how secure you feel. The wonderful thing is that nearly everyone who feels secure and comfortable when they open up does in fact allow love to flow. But its not unusual for people to be unable to let go as they hang on to the safe, known way of behaviour; and their are some who find that what comes out of them is unexpected, such as floods of tears from some suppressed sadness that they may not even have known they were hiding.

Nicholas Saunders