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Will a break restore the good effects?

I had an experience recently after a weekend out, I was sitting down with
my left arm resting in my lap. My arm started to go numb, I couldn't
feel it. I was aware that this was starting to happen and I thought it
was strange. Then the numbness seemed to travel through my body and I
really felt as though I was about to pass out, dizzy, hard to explain.
Nothing like that has ever happened to me before.

I have been overdoing the 'little fellas' recently, taking on average 3
a night usual once or twice (sometimes more) a week. I have also found
that the last 2 or 3 weeks I haven't really been getting much from them.
I have,in fact, hardly been getting anything at all. I become very
'mashed' but I don't get any 'head rushes' at all, I get a feeling of
love but nothing is the same. This I have put down to tollerance and I'm
taking at least a month off taking anything.

Do you think that it is likely that after a break I will get back to how
it used to be or similar to how it was?


It could have been due to so many things: your health, personal worries, the surroundings, other drugs you had taken, and of course what was in the Es.

A break definitely helps, but most heavy users never get back to their best early experiencee, and this can also apply to some occasional users too.