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Is blood in urine due to E?

I am concerned about a situation that has been brought to my attention... my sister and a friend did
some E at a party last weekened and her friend reported that she'd noticed a
significant amount of blood in her urine. The only reason I link that with
her consumption of MDMA is that another person close to me (who also does E)
also said that a friend of his quit doing E because of similar problems. This
really freaked me out. I just recently experienced the wonderful power of E
and now I am kind of sketchy about doing more. Can you please tell me what's
up here? I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions, not to mention if anyone
else has ever heard of this type thing. I really would hate to stop doing E.
I believe it to be a profound and useful substance, and also I value the
opinions and comments on this site.Thank you!!!

Answer from a doctor at a London teaching hospital:

Macroscopic haematuria (ie enough blood in the wee so you can see without a
microscope) has several causes.

1) Bursting aymptomatic renal cysts (v rare but happened to me as a child!)
2) SERIOUS renal tubular damage, referred to as interstitial nephritis.
Caused by several drugs, very rare, usually after high dose exposure. Some
antibiotics can do this. Rocking horse manure.
3) Bleeding lower down the urinary tract. If the blood is present the whole
way through the urine sample, and it is blood, then the bleeding comes from
the bladder upwards. If it's a bit of blood at the beginning, then it's from
the lower tract (urethra) and certainly has nothing to do with E.
4) By far and away the major cause in young people is trauma ie getting
smacked in the kidneys. Also not applicable.
5) Heavy strenous exercise will NOT give you MH; although some red cells get
into the urine, this is never enough to be visible.

I think the most likely thing is haemolysis, ie the red cells bursting when
they are in the blodstream. The red stuff (haemoglobin) is then peed out, and
the urine goes red. Haemolysis can occur as an idiosyncratic thing to just
about any drug - but is VERY rare. It can also occur after very strenous
exercise - because the red cells are literally burst in the soles of the
feet as they get crushed. Used to happen after very long foot marches in the
war. Again I think this is pushing it.

I completely reject the other possiblity that the blood is diluted so far by
water (drinking) that the red cells burst - because the person would fit and
die of brain swelling long before that happened.

I remain unconvinced that such a thing is happening at all - and would like
to see this urine. If it is, it is potentially an important finding and
needs to be documented.

I suggest:

a) giving you some urine dipsticks, which detect both red cells and
b) getting some people to dipsticke their urine before and after; having a
control group who do E who don't go raving and sit quietly at home; and a
control group who go raving but don't touch E.