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I fell in love on E but its not what I want

A woman wrote to say she had started a relationship by falling in love on E, but as time went on she began to think that the type of relationship was not what she really wanted and that there was nothing solid to back up the drug-induced love for one another. She asked my advice and I wrote:

Perhaps what it comes down to is this. Forget how it happened, and accept that you have allowed yourself to fall in love with someone and that does not fit in with your lifeplan. So now you have to deal with it.

One way might be to tell your lover how you feel and suggest you both take some E together to resolve it. But that is a high risk approach and could go either way. Do let me know how you resolve it!

She replied:

Well I took your advice and my partner and I spoke openly about my
feelings. It was a make or break situation and we have decided to stay
together because we love one another. But the ecstasy was reflecting
something very real, a rift between us, that neither of us could deny.

We've recommited ourselves to being good friends and lovers.

Last weekend we had a second opportunity to try "e", which we did. Both
of us had a good time and although we were not inseperable we both knew
that something was different. This time we were drawn to each other and
also allowed each other the freedom to do whatever we felt like doing.

It was very healthy for us, myself especially. Ecstasy seems to be able
to show you your roots so to speak.
Thank you for your help