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How can I extend my E trips?

Whenever I X, my trip is always much shorter than the other people I'm with. (I'm 5'4", 115 lbs., if that's a factor). Is there anything I can do to "draw out" my trips?

Replies from other users:
1. "Increasing stomach/blood alkalinity increases absorpsion and retention. Some people have naturally acid systems..." "Perhaps taking magnesium peroxide (anti-acid) might help." "Alkaline supplement definitely works for speed."
2. "Take 5 mg 2cb about two or three hours into the x journey. I find that that can really intensify some of the x, especially connections with music, dancing, empathy, etc."
3. As I start to come down, I find that I can bring myself back up by lowering my eyelids (similar to when you're rolling really hard) and breathing deeply. Interestingly, I've found that this exercise works pretty well even when I'm not on E.
4. Recently, at a dance party, I was 'down' by 4am & so went & stood in
front of the huge industrial heater & had a cup of coffee & talked to
friends for a half hour or so. I was completely up by this time & danced
for another 4-5 hours.