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Why did my best friend put me down while on E?

I regard myself as a sensible drug user and my choice to take ecstasy was backed up with plenty of research.

It was a suprisingly gentle come up that eventully peaked an hour later. I felt as if walking on air and was overwhelmed with good feeling.I felt generous and capable and very relaxed.I have a "high strung" nature usually but the drug allowed me unwind a great deal. My friends were considerate and as I was the last in our group to try the drug were very encouraging.However one of my "oldest and bestest" friends approached me and started to belittle my expierence.Infact he went in to great detail to tell me that I wasn't buzzing at all. Suddenly the buzz evaporated,for about thiry seconds I felt very unhappy.It was the most intense and sudden depression I have ever expierenced. Thankfully it lasted only a minute, I walked away from my 'friend' and with the support of my other mates I got my buzz back quickly. The rest of the night was amazing but this one incident marred the buzz somewhat.

Why did such a good friend try to ruin things for me? And more to the point why did I let him get to me? I have not seen him since and really feel that years of friendship have been erased.


Thanks for your account. To answer your questions, first, I have no idea why your friend put you down, but I can guess that he had perhaps estabished some kind of 'top dog' relationship with you that would be undermined by you having a good experience rather than just himself.

You second question is easy. The state you are in on E is very much one of being open, and that also meens being vulnerable.