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Will acid distort my views?

In South Africa candy flipping (E and A at the same time) is becoming increasingly popular. I am reluctant to try it at present and have some concerns. As I see it, Ecstacy opens your mind, removes inhibitions, and generally eliminates our innate (and learned) defense mechanisms. I find that I am extremly lucid on E but surprisingly prone to suggestion. With that in mind acid is, in my opinion, somewhat invasive. I find that it warps my perception of reality to an uncomfortable (and yet enjoyable - go figure) degree. My concern is that an Acid trip may distort my views on reality permanently if I allowed it into my system while my defenses were down. I am inclined to be very accepting of emotional and physical discoveries while E'ing.

Have you noticed any instances of psychological damage incurred in this way during your research?


There is certainly a risk of changing perceptions and some would say that this can only be bad. For me personally (and many others i know) I would say it was good, but there are many people who have been diagnosed as damaged so I could not advise you to try it.