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Where is Ecstasy legal?

> I have been told by several Europeans that E in various forms can be
> found legally within Holland, and the Netherlands. Do you know if the
> Dutch Indies, i.e. Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, etc... which are under
> Dutch rule, are under the same form of "tolerant" goverment?


Ecstasy is illegal in all countries in the world under a UN agreement, and even non-members of the UN like Switzerland tow the US 'war on drugs' line and have made it illegal. What's more, E is always in the same category as heroin although both Holland and Spain appointed expert committees to advise their governments, and they both said it should be moved to the lower catagory as cannabis.

There is some variation when it comes to other drugs, such as 2CB which is sold by mail order from countries which have not yet owtlawed it, and I am told that an administrative error has made MBDB legal in Germany at present (11/96).

In Britain, the law has prohibited whole families of drugs even before they were invented and many more countries are following this policy instead of prohibiting drugs one by one as they appear.

In the US, any new drug which has been designed to avoid the law is automatically prohibited.