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Hallucination due to E?

For the duration of our stay at the club, the effects of the tabs seemed directly inline with pure MDMA.. suffice it to say.. it was the best E i have ever taken. Then at approx 6:00 am the club closed. We were having an excellent time and decided that a GREAT way to end a great night was to go sit and talk and watch the sunrise.

We all walked down to Battery Park where I sat on a bench overlooking the water and watched the beginning of an incredible day. My friends went to get something to eat, leaving me with about 20 mins by myself. This was the first time that I had been outside in daylight while Xing. I noticed that my senses were incredibly acute. I could pick out dozens of scents in each breath and i have never seen a morning so beautiful.

Soon i leaned back and started gazing at the clouds. Whispy,'detailed', cirrus clouds. I have always been into the beauty of weather and, like most, have cloud-gazed---picking out objects/people/animals etc from cloud formations. As soon as I looked up this time though, i was in AWE. The sky was filled with innmuerable recognizable objects, animals, and people. These shapes were constantly changing and flowing into newer and more beautiful renditions. Common themes were chariots, horses, angels, the traditional Old North-Wind man, and numerous people - both recognizable and not. The most striking feature of these 'visions' was their detail level. I could see the texture and COLOR of the skin on human formations. I could see the sinews in the muscles of horses leading a chariot driven by an old 'billowy' man.These formations began as clouds and ended as convincingly real, solid-looking objects. Yet, as strange as these shapes became, they all had some reasonable basis in the actual cloud formations. The most vivid shapes would appear when I let my mind wander, and as new shapes appeared, i resisted the urge to explore them, and instead let them mutate/flow into newer more beautiful and detailed objects. I also discovered that I could gain control of the flow. I could 'work it' and push one image into another similar image.

Approximately 20 minutes into this experience my friends returned and i tried to hush them so i could keep my concentration. I told them what i was seeing and 3 of them laid back. Within seconds were echoing my exclamations of awe! Not only were they seeing patterns in the clouds, but they were in many cases seeing the SAME things that i was.(power of suggestion or real?) We all sat for over an hour just exploring the endless images contained in these clouds.

What could have caused this? Could it have been MDMA, or if not, what?


I expect it was strong MDA, 2CB or possibly a mixture containing LSD. You could probably tell by how long it lasted: in order, MDMA is shortest then 2CB then MDA then LSD which is up to 8 hours.