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One pupil gets big and the other small

I have rolled many times, and every time i get a strange reaction. The pupils in my eyes change shape. On my left eye it becomes very small, and on my right eye is becomes very big. It doesb't hurt, or change my vision in any way. What do you think it is from, and is it dangerous to my body?

Reply from a doctor

Very interesting.

In the context of unconsciousness, uneven pupils are an extremely serious neurological sign and imply life threatening pressure on one side of the brain, but this is clearly not the case here.

There is however a syndrome called holmes adie, which is congenital. It manifests itself by periods where pupil size is markedly different; and is usually accompanied by poor or absent reflexes in both arms and legs. !t is entirely benign, and I would hazard a guess that for some reason the E brings out the pupil assymetry.

I suggest that the lack of reflexes is confirmed; because if this is the case what you are pinning down is yet another central effect of e "in vivo". If this person doesn't have holmes adie, I have nothing else to suggest. However, if it's been going on for a long time (and pupil responses are otherwise normal) it's likely to be harmless.