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Guillian syndrome?

I am a overall healthy 26 year old...I'm 6'2 195 lbs...i have been a recreational user of MDMA for about 3 1/2 years... approximate pills consumed over that period: 75....11 days ago i woke up with a numbness in my left ankle and foot...two days prior i consumed about 130 mg of MDMA (Rolex crowns)...i saw my family doctor 3 days later....his initial diagnosis was guillian barre syndrome...the thought of that scared the hell out of me...i saw a neurologist today and he ruled that out...i informed him of my MDMA use...anyway, he scheduled me for a MRI next week to check my brain...

Have you ever encountered anything like this? do you have any suggestions? i find MDMA beneficial to my life...i have changed as a person since my first experience. I do not want to hurt myself but on the other hand i do not want to quit.

reply from a doctor

Very unlikely to be Guillian syndrome or anything to do with the brain. Sounds like his doctor is too clever and doesn't do anything sensible like a thorough examination. Impossible to tell without more signs such as ankle reflexes, joint position sense, tone and power in that limb, etc.

It could be anything from multiple scelrosis (v v v unlikely) to simple nerve crush locally (v likely) or a whole bunch of silly things. My advice is he should change his doctor.

PS nothing to do with E whatever it is