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How can I reduce the desire for ecstasy?

To summarize: I have taken e just twice, 5 months and 1 month ago. Both were incredible experiences, which made me go through some personality changes. Since I took it for the 1st time, I wanted to repeat, specially after the 2nd time. Now, I am kind of confused because I promise myself to keep 6 months between doses, but my "mind&body" are asking me for more. I would like to keep that promise. Is there any trick to reduce this desire?.


I think the trick is to decide before you take E that you will use this experience to learn from, to observe what the changes in you are that you like, and to realise that there is nothing stopping you being like that without a drug. There are also techniques which some people think can help to 'fix' the feeling, such as squeezing together your left thumb and little finger. The idea is that the movement will help bring back the feeling, but it also helps to be in the same surroundings.